Grace Pitts at The Festival

grace pitts

Grace Pitts

Laid back folk singer Grace Pitts is a full-time student and vice-captain at her high school on the southern beaches of Sydney and comes back to perform for the second time in 2020.

Thanks to her American father, Grace enjoyed living with her family in Oregon during her childhood and grew up surrounded by music. His love of jazz music inspired her to play the piano and write her own music from an early age. After her father passed away in 2012 from a sudden heart attack, it’s now Grace who fills her family home with music. His passing made Grace realise how fragile life is.

With the support of her Mum and sister, Grace is wholeheartedly pursuing her music career whilst juggling full-time studies at school. She performs regularly at weddings and busks on the weekends.

Grace plays guitar and piano and takes her musical inspiration from folk legend Joni Mitchell.

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