About Us

The Haldon Street Festival has developed to become a landmark event for our local businesses, residents and visitors. This festival continues to bring our community together in a vivacious celebration that promotes Lakemba. Local residents and visitors come together to celebrate community harmony and the theme of the festival – ‘Respect, Unity & Peace’.

The festival draws approximately 25,000 people to the heart of Lakemba’s Town Centre, Haldon Street. It’s here where audiences experience the ambiance of unique international cuisines, diverse cultures and great community spirit in a fun filled atmosphere.

On Saturday 22 August 2020 from 10am-4pm, witness Haldon Street transform into an Arabian Bazzare! The street is closed to provide open space for pedestrian traffic, dining, roving entertainment, free amusement rides and over 60 stalls full of international and gourmet food, merchandise, jewelry and produce.

Street Parade

A key aspect of the festival is our exuberant Street Parade. Over 150 participants make up this scenic performance initiating the festivities with a multitude of rhythms, floats and colour from Arabian, African, Indian, Chinese and Islander backgrounds. These cultures depict a few of many nationalities in our community. Our annual multicultural street parade entices audiences to Haldon Street for an early start to experience and cheer on the wonderful talents on show from our local entertainers, schools, bands, community groups, and emergency service organisations.

Entertainment for the whole family

Audiences are enthralled by the entertainment available from two stages. The main stage is located at the top end of Haldon Street showcasing a brilliant array of professional multicultural performances throughout the day. The second stage incorporates performances from our local talent and youth orientated groups. Having two stages enables us to provide appropriate entertainment to cater to all members of the family and allow sufficient coverage for our sponsors.